Precision Melting / Boiling Point Apparatus

  • Precision Melting / Boiling Point Apparatus in 250ml beaker silicon oil bath. Teflon dish cover, body in MS Powder coated.
  • 12V long lasting immersion heater connected to transformer in order to give quick heating & fine calibration, no shock hazard,
  • Built in heavy duty magnetic stirrer (in 12 Volt DC Motor) & heavy duty magnet used for trouble free & uniform stirring,
  • Heating range up to 300ºC
  • Glare free back side illumination & magnifying viewing glass at front.
  • 3 way rotary switches provided to control heating rate for different stage of M.P. Plus additional regulator for further heating control.
  • 3 Capillaries stand & provision to keep  glass boiling tube (4” L x 6mm ID) & Temp PT 100 sensor.
  • With temp. Indicator / Controller and 25ºC early buzzer off set ºC to attended apparatus for observing melting Point.
  • Temp reading Resolution 0.1 ºC. Mdl-MPDOption: Silicon Oil 250 ml  bottle cost extra

    HSN Code- 90278090

    GST Rate 18%